Color Change!

I’ve had a case of writer’s block as of late, to be honest.  I attribute that to being too busy, the Olympics are on and there’s some change in the air for me.  I feel it.  Hopefully good change, but as everyone experiences, you take the good with the bad.

Being too busy is my own fault.  I’m trying to exercise simplicity this month.  It hasn’t kicked in quite yet but I keep trying.  The Olympics are not my fault.  I was disheartened to learn of doping scandals and  Rio venue issues but it’s still an impressive show.  If only I can get the network to play their recap of the day’s events earlier!  I’ve fallen asleep every night before something fun to see like the women’s gymnastic floor exercises and ultimately their gold medal.  Oh well, I guess that is what the Internet is for!

As for change in the air, that’s just it…it’s just a feeling.  Perhaps I’m too busy to really read the signs, but I felt like helping it along with some visual color change too.  I’ve had the same living room curtains since I moved in.  It’s probably been 10 years?  I’m not sure?  Time flies when you’re lazy to change your decor!

My original living room curtains were a black and white brocade.  I ended up putting them in my bedroom as well because I had several panels and no storage.  I thought black and white would be the perfect base to add additional accent colors throughout my tiny house but I never really did it?  Except for the kitchen where I added lots of red, I was pretty color lacking all over the place.  It’s time for a change!

I moved all of the brocade to the bedroom.  I’m now contemplating changing the blue accent.  I’ve had that as long as the black and white.  I’m thinking I need something else soon.


To make my color change happen in the living room, I needed money but I lack that so I took to the world wide Internet to find inexpensive options.  I always loved tapestries and how beautiful they look hanging.  As I’m at a shopping mall all of the time, I was inspired by PBTeen’s use of them in their store displays.  Theirs were more expensive so Amazon afforded me to look and find what I liked.

I impulsively purchased 3 panels with bright colors of what I thought was mainly green.  Two days later I received my package and was surprised, not elated.  I had just rearranged the living room, took down the old curtains, called friends for moral support cause procrastination is my middle name, and I was ready for the new COLOR!  I unwrapped them and hung them.  I kept putting them up on all of the windows (there’s 4 in the living room).  I kept expecting that my taste would change with the color too?  My pals said they liked the curtains.  I said I liked the curtains, so I went to sleep with the boldest colors in my house that I’ve ever had in my life.  Red. Green. Orange.


The next morning, I walked into my living room and sat down.  I convinced myself to live with it a bit longer…so by 12pm I ordered a new set of tapestries.  This time I looked for color but needed it to have some blue and not give me a seizure every time I saw them.  I was a bit gun shy cause I wasn’t exactly sure if the Internet  portrayed the colors correctly.  I had 2 light blue pillows actually.  The only color in the living room and I decided I liked them and wanted to figure out how to keep them.  With the red, green, orange version there was no way to keep them unless I wanted a circus theme.   Searching and searching, I settled on a deeper and more sophisticated bohemian color palette.


The box arrived to my office and I was so excited to see what colors arrived.  I ordered a pattern with blues and some orange so I braced myself for bright purple and red.  I opened the box to lovely navy and royal blue with just the right amount of orange accents.  They were just what I wanted.  Now I had to wait the rest of the day to go home and put them up.


When I got home, I removed my clown curtains.  I deemed them with that title for obvious reasons.  I eagerly hung the new ones in place.  They looked exactly right.  In this case, 2nd time was the charm!  I like the fresh new look for the room.  It’s rearranged and the curtains made enough of a statement that it squelched my desire to have new furniture which would be a lot more expensive to change!  For now, I’ll take a color change to refresh my environment and take me out of a writers block.  790 words later, I might have to change my curtains more often?


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