I always say that I was tiny living before tiny living was popular! I live in a charming 750 sf bungalow which was built in 1920. It has a living room, dining room (which is usually used as my studio space), kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom. On most days, it’s plenty of space for me.

Living Room

This room changes with the seasons.

fall coffee table in living room


The kitchen doesn’t change too much except some days are neater than others! It’s honestly not a ton of space but I make it work the best that I can. The area where the refrigerator was actually for an ice box originally. It is a small utility porch with large windows on the three walls and door that leads to the side patio area (which I really don’t use).

image of kitchen sink


The bedroom is a 10′ x 10′ square so it barely has room for a queen size bed. I insist up on having my grown up size bed though and therefore I don’t have a lot of options for furniture placement. It’s practical and I’ve found lots of ways to hide storage over the years in this room. Don’t let those curtains fool you, there are windows behind them, but what else do you think lurks behind them!? Take a look in the blog posts for some secrets.

Hallway or “Walk-In Accesories Closet”

I have very small hallway that I’ve treated like an extension of my closet in order to display and use my jewelry and purses. I have a tiny closet, so not everything will fit in it. I didn’t want to just get rid of stuff so I made the space work for what I needed. If I can’t have more room, then I find creative ways to use the space that I have!

I used a tension rod and S hooks to hang the purses. I’ve displayed a multitude of bracelets on a vintage bathroom guest towel holder. I’ve had the perfume tray since I was a little girl. It holds an array of perfume collected over the years. I picked up the cabinet from a coworker many many years ago. He was a smoker though and this small dresser wreaked of smoke. I polished it and used essential oils in the drawers and liners to air this out before I put anything in it. It doesn’t have a notice of smoke now. It took about a month of applying lavender and cedar oils to the unvarnished pieces of the dresser (inside the drawers and the back).

Treasures collected over the years. The shell wreath is from my aunt, the deer head was a Christmas gift from my bestie. We’ve been exchanging ornaments since we were college roommates and haven’t missed a year!

On the top shelf: A picture of my grandmother that my grandfather carried in his wallet. The plastic ballerina was on my 8th birthday cake and now it holds some wonderful costume rings that mom gifted me from her vintage collection.
Below that shelf: The Moulin Rouge art – I picked up when I was in Paris. The Chanel No5 is the original bottle of perfume and the box that my dad gave to my mom in the 1960s. The perfume next to that is a custom scent that I purchased on my first trip to Paris. Ooh-la-la. The statue is a sweet gift from my Goddaughter and the key is a keepsake from her wedding. The small sewing kit next to that statue is a vintage item from my grandmother.