Happy Fall Y’all

It’s Fall, but in Southern California that still means its 80 degree weather.  I’m not in the mood for baking and making soups yet, but some decor showed its colors as I was ready for some warm hues of orange and brown for a change.

When you live in a house that is 650 sf. you don’t have a ton of space to decorate, so I use every space possible and tiered trays are perfect.

This is a mix of old and new.  The lovely vintage lace was a recent find a local thrift store!  It was only $7 so I could splurge on buying all of the fresh pumpkins and artichokes!  The napkin is a new one and adds a bright pop of color against the beige.  The rusty orange crocheted pillow in the background on the couch, I made that.

The clock is a German made antique that my Grandfather picked up on a trip there (we think?)  It’s a good story, and I’m sticking to that.  It used to sit on a custom rock mantle in my Grandparent’s den.  It was something that I definitely remember seeing and not being allowed to touch it until I was much older.  I’m still honestly afraid to touch it now cause the glass dome is fragile and not easily replaced.

I’ve collected pine cones and small decorative acorns and items over the years.  I guess I’m a bit like a squirrel.

The geodes were a last minute add because I wanted some different texture and muted color.  The geodes are from my grandfather’s collection.  He was a hobby geologist.  He split and polished my treasured geodes, so I often use them throughout the house in different settings.

The unique coasters to the left of the geodes are polished petrified coral that I picked up at a craft fair on my last visit up North to see Lucas.  It was an odd find, but I knew I’d use them cause I liked the colors.

I also liked the size of the boxwood leaf bundles.  They were just the right amount of green and freshness to the fall display.

Happy Fall Y’All!  Happy decorating as we go into cooler temperatures and start backing and bundling up!  Have fun with some color and

Roger’s Gardens – A Delish Shopping Trip!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday recently.   We usually like to drive my parents places that they don’t get to go to on a regular basis, so this birthday weekend was no exception.  I think we tired the parents out but hopefully they had some fun in the process.

There’s a nursery and gift shop in Corona Del Mar called Roger’s Gardens.  It has a great selection of plants, patio furniture, pots,  knowledgeable staff and a great gift boutique.  They also decorate for seasonal gifts and decor, so the Halloween Boutique had just opened this same weekend.  If you like Halloween, this is sure to spark your creativity!  Mom loves this place, so it was a good idea to take her there.

The theme this year for the Halloween boutique is “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and it’s truly like entering a magician’s tent with a maniacal display of whimsy, gross, scary, absurd and glittery objects.  Heaven.

Beware – tons of pics to follow!   If you can’t visit this year, then I’ll bring the store to you here.

IMG_2181Being a marketing person, I look at signage way too much even when I’m personally shopping. They had my attention with old timey fonts and ribbon motif. Well done, Roger’s Gardens!

AND…those pumpkins!  Love!  They had a variety of pumpkins, different shapes and colors scattered around the nursery.

It was 100 degrees outside, but the pumpkins made me long for cooler weather so I can comfortably cook in my kitchen again.

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