Fun with Flags!

In honor of July 4th, I decided to decorate since the neighbors all have flags on their porch.  I didn’t think that attaching a flag holder to my porch was going to happen successfully so I got crafty.  I’ve seen flags banners all over and thought I might try making some of my own.  Here’s how I did mine.

First I went to the fabric store and picked up four different fabrics.  I chose patriotic themed fabrics with a red, white and blue color palette.  I got about 1/2 yard for each but it was a lot more than I needed.  I’ve been able to make about eight flag banners so some friends and family got some too since I only needed two.


I also bought a white nylon rope that you can usually find in an upholstery section of the fabric store.  I measured the length that I wanted it to stretch at home and of course bought a lot more!

I had pinking sheers (those are the scissors that cut a zig zag edge), hot glue gun and glue sticks.  This was a no sew project.

Here’s my directions for this super simple project:

  1.  Cut a triangle template.  I used an Anthroplogie catalog cover cause it was heavier weight paper.   image
  2. Use the template to cut about 3 or 4 triangles of each fabric that you choose.  I cut them with scissors first with about a smidgen over the template (like 1/8″ maybe). image
  3. Once the triangles are cut out, trim each edge with the pinking sheers.  This will prevent the fabric from fraying and give a decorative edge to the flags.  image
  4. Cut four notches at the top of the flag wide enough to thread your string or rope throughimage
  5. Allow for a tail (maybe about 12″ or so), make your first knot.
  6. Thread one of the flags using the notches.  Tie a knot at the end so the flag doesn’t shift.image
  7. Tie the next knot about an inch or two away.  You decide how far away you want to place your flags on the rope.
  8. Repeat threading flags and tying knots at the beginning and end of each flag.image
  9. Alternate the fabrics all the way across.
  10. Once you’ve set the flags on your rope, use your glue gun or a fabric glue to tack the knots to the fabric to secure them.  I glued some of the rope in the middle too.image
  11. Hang your flag banners and have a party!

Happy Birthday America!

Here’s an example of them hanging at a friends house as well.


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