Cheers to Summer!

Don’t think that drink umbrellas are not useable for anything but summer cocktails!  Go ahead and use them for winter cocktails too, of course!  My latest project requires a whole lot of drink umbrellas so either drink up or go and purchase a box at Smart & Final like I did.

Supplies:  1 foam wreath, about 50 drink umbrellas, ribbon of choice, scissors


I started by just poking umbrellas into the foam.  I realized that they needed to be cut down to fit the foam better.


At first, I started placing in one section and worked around the circle.


I then realized to get the spacing more even, it would be good to place spacer umbrellas all around the circle and then fill in the gaps.


You could add a bit of glue to each umbrella before placing in the foam.  I didn’t add the glue for this one though.


To dress it up a bit more, I decided to add a bow.  Simple bow, loops, tied together.  A drink umbrella stuck through the middle loop and into the foam secured the bow in place.


The whole project took about 40 mins. It cost about $10 total as well.  Hope it adds some color and fun for Summer to your porch.


Let me know if you make one!  I’d also be curious how you managed to get all of your drink umbrellas too!

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