Pit Stop

I don’t know about you, but it’s hot.   I get it.  It’s Summer and it’s supposed to be hot, so I should stop complaining and seek refuge in air conditioning.   I’m happy to be at work these days where the air conditioning makes us feel like it’s Antartica!  And if I may be permitted to speak of the unmentionable… if you don’t have a proper coat of deodorant, you might be a bit “ripe” and stinky.

About a year ago, I went in search of the perfect deodorant.  before that I was experiencing a growing concern about my products that I use personally and in my home.  I started researching and testing several brands.  These notes are just my personal preference and I certainly don’t endorse or condone a product.  I find it is just what worked for me, so feel free to try or don’t try anything listed.

Like most people, I always used what works for me.  I used to buy Dove, Secret, whatever was in Target.  It was a means of staying fresh and I wasn’t concerned with the ingredients.  As I heard more and more about ingredients and toxins in deodorants, I went on a mission to find something that I could use that didn’t make me cringe.

I tried Toms of Maine, but realized that it’s not entirely organic and you need to read the label.  I went to my local Whole Foods and tried EO organic deodorant.  First of all, it was a spray and I found that I hated waiting for it to try while I flap my arms around.  I felt like a bird every morning with sticky armpits.  Then on top of that, it really didn’t keep me fresh all day.  In other words, I detected an odor by the afternoon and so I was done with that one.

Crystal Essence and Nubian heritage seemed appropriate for their contents but there again…it didn’t actually do a job of deodorizing me?  My friend actually gave me Piper Wei and it sort of worked but you have to scoop it out and rub it on your pits.  This was a bit cumbersome and messy.  It tended to crumble or get trapped under my fingernails.  Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy using this product.

I actually even tried making my own deodorant with baking soda and essential oils etc…I followed some recipe from my beloved Pinterest.  It didn’t work, so I won’t bother sharing it.  (wonk wonk)  It smelled nice but was truly useless for anything.  It was probably edible at least, but ew.

Have no fear, I’m not walking around smelly.  I have two deodorants that I have found to be perfect.  Native is a fun brand that you order online.  It has lots of great scents.  I usually order a seasonal package of 3 deodorants.  This will last me for a while until the next seasonal order.  My aunt found another easy product in case I don’t have time to order online.  Schmidt’s has a line of natural deodorant.  The ingredients all are pronounceable and I didn’t see any red flags with it.  She bought this at Costco and I have since found it at Target, so it seems that it’s readily available everywhere.

I don’t expect that you will all run out and get these products, but I encourage you to pay attention to your products that you use.  Feel free to share your favorites here cause you never know if it can help me or someone else!  Thanks everybody and stay cool this Summer!

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